Boosting School Spirit Through Art – Mr. Paul Cantrell Interview

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Marlin High School art teacher Mr. Paul Cantrell and his art students have taken on a project to help boost school spirit. Last year, students from Mr. Cantell’s advanced art class painted sports murals in the hallway by the gym. This year Mr. Cantrell painted murals inside the press box to give it some school spirit. When you enter the press box the first mural that captures your attention is the football team’s motto “Code Of The Bulldog” and on the other wall it has the school’s MB logo painted in purple and gold. As you enter the stadium from the home side you will notice a MB logo painted on the outside wall of the ticket booth. Mr. Cantrell believes that having the students involved in these types of projects will help build school pride. He stated “Not only does these murals help spruce up the place, it also builds morale when the students can see something they created. It gives them a since of ownership and pride to know that this is something that they helped to create.”

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