Bulldogs Attack Leon Cougars 45-31

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It’s no secret the Bulldogs have been struggling to get a win this season but Friday, October 6, 2017 in Leon, Texas the Bulldogs fought their way to a victory. Marlin’s Head Coach Stephen Hodge has always kept his sight on working to make the team better and hasn’t let the team’s first two losses of the season throw him off course. Each week the Bulldogs are working to become better mentally & physically as a team and their dedication showed up on the field Friday night. To the Marlin community, let’s show our support for these young men and coaches who are working diligently to restore pride back into the football program & city. Let’s be proud of our team because win or lose we’ll forever be the Marlin Bulldogs.

Team stats against the Leon Cougars.

Score Marlin 45-31
Offense Total YDS
374 YDS
3 Passing TD’s
2 Rushing TD’s

Kerry Collins
5-7 Passing Attempts 114 YDS Passing, 2 Passing TDS
3 Rushes 6yds, 1 Rushing TD

Charleston Lee
14 Rushes 135 YDS 0 TD

Alik Brooks
1-2 Passing Att 33 Passing YDS, 1 Passing TD
5 Rushes 36 YDS 0 TD

Jimmie Quinn Jr
5 Rushes 50 YDS
1 Rushing TD

Donovan Blakes
2 Rec 51 YDS
1 Rec TD

Tyrese Mayes
5 rec 107 YDS
2 Rec TD

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