Bulldogs End Regular Season In A 21-24 Battle Against Bruceville Eddy

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The tail of the Marlin Bulldog’s regular season ended in a brawl similar to a Rocky Balboa fight, against the Bruceville Eddy Eagles Friday, November 10, 2017 @ Legion Field in Marlin. This night was special because not only was it the last home game of the season but for the Seniors, it would be their last game played at Legion Field. To celebrate this night the Seniors were escorted on the field before kickoff by their parents and loved ones.

The Eagles win the opening coin toss and received the ball from Legion Field’s north end, bringing the ball out to Marlin’s own 33-yard.

The Bulldogs D, just like the beginning of the season comes out hunting, forcing a three and out. Marlin fields the punt at the 10-yard line. Alik Brooks and company opens up with some great energy to help move the ball a few yards, but eventually they would have to punt. The Dogs would give up only 3 points in the first quarter.

The second quarter was full of life from Marlin, fighting their way back in the game after Eddy went up 0-10. Donavan Blakes wakes up a runner as he came from the safety position to fill the running alley, making it a clean up! Deandre Peoples also turns the defense up, invading Bruceville’s backfield with a hard hitting collision. #10 Sebastian Hernandez, #7 Alik Brooks, #6 Latravius Johnson, #58 Jeremih Henry, and other Bulldog defense players were making tackles for losses, big hits, and sacks, the entire game. A huge defense highlight of the night was SirCharleston Lee, intercepting a pass, rushed by #58 Jeremiah Henry.

Offensively in the second quarter, Alik Brooks completed multiple passes to Blakes, Quinn, and Kerry Collins. Jimmie Quinn also added to the ground game raking up a couple of first downs. Here’s just one of the many awesome plays of the night. Brooks scrambled in the backfield for about 25 seconds and found Jimmie Quinn wide open across the field, the ball bounced off of his helmet, into Kerry Collins hands for a Touchdown.

Oh, but the spectacular play making from the Bulldogs doesn’t stop there. With only a few seconds left before halftime Marlin’s offense made an impressive drive down the field. #7 Alik Brooks came alive and he was on fire! Brooks caught a 40 yard bomb and came back with 2 first down catches in a row, and topped off the drive with a one handed “Odell Beckham” like catch for a touchdown.

The second half continued with more excitement as the dogs continued to make plays as the score of the game seemed to go back and forth. SirCharleston Lee punched in a 7-yard touchdown to make the score 21-10 but the Dogs wouldn’t add on to the score for the rest of the night. Unfortunately, Bruceville scored twice in the second half, with both scores in the fourth quarter topping Marlin 21-24.

The Bulldogs will play the 1st round of the playoffs against the Clifton Cubs Friday, November 17, 2017 @ 7:30 PM @ Robinson Rockets Stadium in Robinson, Texas.

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