Bulldogs Go Down With A Fight Against Troy

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The Marlin Bulldogs went up against the Troy Trojans Friday, September 8, 2017 in Troy, Texas but unfortunately the Bulldogs lost in a 19-14 battle against the Trojans. Marlin seniors, #7 Alik Brooks, #5 Jimmie Quinn, #1 Kerry Collins, and #50 Deandre Peoples met up at the fifty yard line for the coin toss. Troy won the toss & chose to defer til the second half.

Marlin received from the south end of the field, fielding the ball at the 15 yard line. The Dogs offense came out trying to get some good looks and a few plays going, but unfortunately they couldn’t get anything moving on the first drive. Marlin is forced to 3 and out so they punt the ball.

Troy got the ball at the 45 for an opening possession against Marlin but wasn’t able to maneuver through the Bulldogs defense so they are now looking at 3rd & 17. The Trojans QB then drops back for a pass but was met with a rush from the D-Line and was taken down for a sack by #75 Carroll Solomon .

Marlin is back with the ball after a failed drive by Troy. However, the Dogs had a bad snap and get taken down for a safety.

With 7:23 in the 1st quarter and the score 2-0 Jimmie Quinn makes a stop for a loss of 2 yards. The rest of the Bulldogs were swarming & gang tackling, forcing Troy to another 3 and out.

Kerry Collins completes a pass to #4 Sir Charleston Lee on 2nd and 5 making a 10 yard pick up to get the Dogs going. Marlin tried to work it’s magic but still had to turn the ball back into Troy’s hands.

The Bulldogs wouldn’t get anything going on offense until the 3rd quarter.  The hungry Marlin Bulldogs defense held the Trojans within their range. Alik Brooks had an interception in the second quarter to help the Dogs out. Trae Johnson, Jimmie Quinn, and Sevestian Hernandez all made tackles in the backfield, forced fumbles & made recoveries.

Coming out after halftime the score showed 16-0. Somebody must have gave the Dog’s their power back because they came out ready in the second half. Troy received the kickoff getting rattled early by #58 Jeremiah Henry of the Marlin Bulldogs. Troy loses two yards and wouldn’t gain anymore.

Marlin forces a 3 & out and take over. With 3:33 seconds left in the 3rd quarter Alik Brooks scores a 72 yard Touchdown catch from #1 Kerry Collins. The Bulldogs then go up for a 2pt. conversion and was successful. Collins completed a 10 yard pass to #8 Tyrese Mayes in the end zone.

The score is now 16-8 in the 4th quarter. Troy has the ball on a 1st & 10 but the Bulldogs come up big, forcing a fumble and a recovery. The Dogs fought to get something going but that wouldn’t happen again until it’s 2:47 seconds left in the 4th.

#7 Alik Brooks goes up to catch an amazing 60 yard grab, making the score now 19-14. The Dogs were finding their way back into the game but just ran out of time. They played hard and didn’t give up. Good job to the coaching staff and to the team! The Bulldogs will prepare to go up against Rogers this Friday, September 15, 2017 in Marlin for homecoming.

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