Open House

Open House will be September 28, 2016, under one roof at the Marlin Junior Academy from 4:30-6:30pm. Food will be served and report cards will be issued to parents!!!!

Breaking News: The State Has Ruled To Take Over Marlin ISD

The State has ruled to take over the Marlin ISD school district. The take over comes as a result of the district failing to meet the required standards of the state STAAR test. Although the district showed improvements in some areas of the 2016 test…

Historic Buie Hospital Cleanup

A group of citizens banded together to help clean up a property that has been an eyesore in the community for quite some time. The building formally known as the Buie Hospital on Winter Street is on it’s way to receiving a new makeover and…

Tree Split in Half at The Falls County Courthouse

More pics from the aftermath of last night’s storm that came through the area. A tree was split in half on the property of the Falls County Courthouse from what appears to be the work of lightning. © Soul Fishing Media