De’Audre Evans New DQ Store Manager in Marlin

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De’Audre Evans is the new store manager of the Marlin Dairy Queen. De’Audre grew up in Marlin and he is a graduate of Marlin High School. Evans started working for the DQ corporation in 2009 after he graduated high school. He gives much credit for his success to DQ District Manager Patricia Rounsavall. He stated, “Pat believed in me, she took me under her wing and taught me what I needed to know.” Evans started out on fries and eventually learned to operate the grill. After 3 years he was promoted to kitchen manager and worked in that position for 5 years.

But learning the back operations of the store wasn’t enough for Evans, he states that he wanted to learn more. He later learned the front of store operations. After gaining the knowledge he needed, Evans went and worked for the Robinson DQ as a shift manager for 2 years. He was transferred to a Bellmead DQ location and worked as assistant manager and shift leader. Later he would be transferred to Lacy Lakeview DQ and afterwards he took a hiatus from DQ and began working for Direct TV.

He said he didn’t get the fulfillment that he had working for DQ and so it wasn’t long before he returned. After returning, De’Audre got the break he was preparing for and he was promoted to store manager of the Rosebud DQ. Before De’Audre took over the Rosebud location sales had declined and within 3 months sales increased under his leadership. His performance got the attention of his superiors and they commended Evans on a job well done.

Customers noticed a difference in the store’s performance as well and they posted positive reviews on the internet about the quality of the food and service they received. The store manager position for Marlin recently became available and Evans took advantage of the opportunity to come back and serve in his hometown.


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  1. Congradulation Mr.Evans I know Marlin will thibe good luck and when things seem to get a little ruff remember look to the hills which cometh from the Lord.

  2. Congratulations Mr Evans! Do a good job, serve great food and insist on good customer service. It wont be long before DQ will be on top! I stopped going to DQ because of the lack of those things. Just because we live in a small town doesn’t mean we have to have small goals!

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