Heated Discussions at the Marlin City Council Meeting on Complaints Against Chief Damien Eaglin

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Tempers flared at the Marlin City Council meeting Tuesday, September 27, 2016. The meeting was held to discuss complaints that were brought against Marlin Police Chief Damien Eaglin and to decide if they would fire Chief Eaglin. Interim City Manager Dick Fletcher listed numerous complaints against Eaglin and alleged that he was “incompetent” of performing his duties as police chief.

Chief Eaglin was given an opportunity during the meeting to respond to those allegations that were brought against him.

Eaglin’s main defense was that he was never given an evaluation on his job performance and neither was he given an opportunity to respond to those allegations prior to the City Manager and Council’s decision to discuss his termination.

Tempers began to flare from within the audience of people who were for and/or against Eaglin’s termination as Police Chief.

Councilman Scottie Henderson stepped in to Eaglin’s defense and stated to the City Manager that the Chief has not been given the proper due process to address the allegations that have been brought against him.

Council member Rosie Morin walked out of the meeting after council member Henderson presented a picture of what he alleged to be of Morin talking to a high school student in the hallway about confidential city matters. Mrs. Morin blatantly denied those allegations and walked out of the meeting.

The council decided that they would not fire Chief Eaglin but would evaluate his job performance and assist him in obtaining proper training to improve as Chief of Police.

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