Intense Rivalry Game between Marlin vs Hearne

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The Marlin Bulldogs and the Hearne Eagles faced off in a rivalry battle Friday, October 27, 2017 at Legion Field in Marlin. The two teams were charged up and ready to battle as they stepped onto the football field. The intensity of this game was like no other and it was a showdown between these two rivals.

The Eagles recieved the kickoff and the battle was on. The Eagles got the chains moving but Marlin’s SirCharleston Lee picked off the quarterback’s pass on their 1st possession and the Bulldog’s offense take over. The Bulldogs kept the chains moving and ended their drive with a field goal from Pena putting the Dogs on the scoreboard 3-0.

The Eagles strike back and put the ball into the endzone. The Eagles go for the 2pt conversion but their pass is picked off by #5 Jimmi Quinn of the Bulldogs making it a 6-3 ball game. The Bulldogs offense made some positive gains but ended their possession with a turnover on downs.

The Eagles would put the ball into the endzone for a second time of the night. They attempt the 2pt conversion but once again the Bulldogs defense held their ground bringing the score to 12-3 Eagles.

The Eagles take possession again after an unsuccessful drive by the Bulldogs. The Eagles hand off to their running back but he was met by a brick wall #50 DC Peoples stuffs him in the backfield causing a loss of yards.

The Bulldogs offense moved the chains consistently putting Pena in field goal range before halftime. Pena attempts the field goal and it’s good, bringing the score to 12-6 Eagles going into halftime.

Flags Fly

Coming out in the second half of the game the Bulldogs got some good momentum going but bad calls from the refs would take that away from them. SirCharleston Lee returns the Eagle’s kick 80 yards but a flag was thrown against the Bulldogs. #7 Ish Brooks regains the lost yards with a rush down to the 1 yard line but Marlin fumbles on the next play and the Eagles recover.

Ish Brooks comes up with a one handed interception and takes it into the endzone but a flag was thrown for defensive pass interference. The Bulldogs comeback on offense and Ish takes it up the middle and dives over two defenders into the endzone for a TD. Pena’s kick is good putting Marlin up 13-12 with 7:08 in the 3rd quarter.

The Bulldogs didn’t have a chance to build off the momentum of the TD from Brooks. #6 of the Hearne Eagles returns the Bulldogs kickoff for a TD. The Eagles convert on the 2pt conversion attempt, making the score 20-13 Hearne.

SirCharleston Lee makes a nice gain off the Eagle’s kick. Ish Brooks makes a nice run for about 60 yards into Eagles’ territory. #5 Jimmi Quinn takes the hand off from Brooks and took it into the endzone for a Bulldog TD making it a tied ball game of 20-20.

The Bulldogs go for the onside kick and recover the fumble by the Eagles, but the Officials ruled the player down, and so the Eagles offense take the field. The Bulldog’s defense held their ground and forced the Eagle’s to punt.

Ish Brooks takes the snap and made about a 60 yard run, but once again a flag was thrown against Marlin, and the play would be called back.

Overall it was great rivalry game between the Marlin & Hearne players. Make no mistake about it, Hearne played a great game, but the calls made by the Officials leaves much room for questioning if the score that ended 27-20 in favor of the Hearne Eagles would be different if Marlin had not been robbed of the big plays they made.


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