Marlin Bulldogs – Under Construction

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The last few weeks have been rough for the Marlin Bulldogs as they have struggled to find their rhythm in the preseason. The Bulldogs offense has struggled to put points on the scoreboard and the defense has failed to keep teams out of the end zone.

In week 1 of the preseason McGregor put up 52 points against the Bulldogs, week 2 Whitney put up 43 points, and week 3 Groesbeck put up 70 points. From the looks of things it would seem as if the Bulldogs are wounded and done before district. But, before you buy into that theory one must take into consideration a few other facts the Bulldogs are faced with and given those facts – I don’t see the Bulldogs as washed up but rather under construction.

The Bulldogs are an inexperienced team.

The Bulldogs are comprised of 8 Freshmen, 8 Sophomores, 7 Juniors, and 3 Seniors. Out of the 26 players on the team at least 5 players are on injured reserve. There’s a few first time players out on the field along with a host of freshmen in key positions. Looking at these numbers you can see that the Bulldogs are an inexperienced team. The teams they have played/will play are comprised with more experience and certainly more numbers. These are not excuses but these are facts!

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The good side is this, the players may be young but they are talented and they are being developed each week in practice. 2018 may not be the year of winning for the Bulldogs but it’s definitely a time of rebuilding for future wins. Any project that requires building must go through a process before completion. The Bulldogs may endure a few more scars during the process but before it’s all said and done it will give our team the tools they need to be successful.

Patience is a must when something is under construction. The Bulldog fans want to see that winning tradition come back alive quickly but the reality is that it will not come as quickly as we would like – it will come slowly but surely.

In the meantime, the community can assist in the building process by attending the games and by supporting the Bulldogs inspite of wins or losses. Encouragement builds up and discouragement tears down. Yes, it’s frustrating to see the Bulldogs wounded but we must remember that wounds do heal!

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