Marlin Hobby Complex Team Up with Marlin PD To Give Families In Need A Merry Christmas

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The Marlin Hobby Complex teamed up with the Marlin PD to bless 3 families in the Marlin community with Christmas gifts. The two agencies said they thought it was necessary to team up in an effort to stay active within the community. The gifts ranged from bikes, Xbox 360’s, televisions, clothes, and more.

Former Falls County Constable Richard Aleman dressed as Santa. A convoy of Marlin PD officers and TDCJ officers went from house to house delivering Christmas gifts to families in need. It was a great sight to see the smiles on the kids & parents faces as Santa and the two agencies loaded the families down with bags filled with presents.

It was the kind of event that you see taking place on TV but, indeed it was a dream come true, right before the eyes of these families. They were in total shock and surprise because not one of these families knew that they would be receiving Christmas gifts.

It was a heart warming experience to watch the kids and their parents cry tears of joy and express their thanks. A huge thank you to the Marlin PD and The Marlin Hobby Complex for teaming up and transforming these family’s Christmas from stressful to joyful.

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