Meet The Candidates Running For The 82nd District Judge Seat

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Marlin Pride had the opportunity to get an exclusive interview with the candidates who are running for the 82nd District Judge seat of Falls & Robertson Counties. The purpose of this interview is to give the voters some insight on who these candidates are and what they stand for. Our goal is to inform the voters so they can make a sound decision at the voting polls.

About Judge Matthew Wright

Judge Wright is the Presiding Judge for the Rosebud Court of Record and the City of Lott Municipal Court. In addition, he is a member of the Diaz & Wright law firm and works in the areas of federal and state litigation. Matthew earned the rank of Eagle with Gold Palm in the Boy Scouts of America and is a Vigil Member of the Order of the Arrow.

Matthew Wright teaches Negotiations and Conflict Resolution at the Hankamer School of Business – Baylor University and is a coach for Texas A&M School of Law national moot court teams.

In 2017 Judge Wright was honored by Texas A&M School of Law with the Public Interest Law Fellowship. The award was given in recognition of his work with local charities, veterans program, disaster recovery, and court improvements. (Info via

About Attorney Bryan Russ, Jr.

Bryan “Rusty” Russ, Jr. is a lifelong resident of the 82nd Judicial District. Born and raised in Robertson County, he graduated from Hearne High School and went on to earn his undergraduate degree from Southwestern University in Georgetown and then his J.D. from the South Texas College of Law in Houston in 1982.

After graduating from law school, Rusty moved back to Robertson County to begin practicing law, and today he is a partner in the law firm of Palmos, Russ, McCullough & Russ, LLP. For the past thirty-four years he has represented individuals, municipalities, governmental entities and corporate clients in both civil and criminal matters in and around Robertson County and Falls County. This experience including 50 jury trials tried to verdict and countless bench trials. Additionally, he served on the State Bar of Texas Grievance Committee for approximately 15 years. (Info via

MARCH 6, 2018


TUESDAY February 20, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

WEDNESDAY February 21, 2018 7 AM TO 7 PM

THURSDAY February 22, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

FRIDAY February 23, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

MONDAY February 26, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

TUESDAY February 27, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

WEDNESDAY February 28, 2018 7 AM TO 7 PM

THURSDAY March 1, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

FRIDAY March 2, 2018 8 AM TO 5 PM

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  1. Amykaye Millikin | February 22, 2018 at 10:41 pm | Reply

    Ok, I have been asked by Judge Wright not to react to any of the opponent’s comments. Well I have held my tongue long enough. I work for Judge Wright. I have worked with him and for him for the past 9-10 years. Judge Wright has been practicing law since he was licensed. I know this because he represented my family member.
    Rusty’s numbers are inaccurate because he is misrepresenting the facts:
    Judge Wright practices in multiple counties. He does not take cases in Falls County at this time because he signs arrest/search/blood warrants. He refuses to do anything unethical so he isn’t going to sign someone’s warrant and then make money off of representing them. This isn’t hard for ethical people with integrity to understand.
    Judge Wright argued a case before the Court of Criminal Appeals, the highest criminal court in Texas, and WON.

    Here are the real numbers:
    Over 40 Family Law cases – divorce, adoption, CPS, custody, appeals, child support…
    Over 50 Estate & Probate – estate planning, wills, probate, heirship, guardianship…
    Over 100 Criminal Law cases – manslaughter, assault, burglary, theft, fraud…
    Over 100 Civil cases – Breach of contract, wrongful termination, sexual harassment…
    Over 10 Real Estate cases – Deeds, leases, easements…

    I am biased, but the numbers above are facts.

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