Mr. Willis Reese Celebrates Retirement

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Family and friends gathered to celebrate the retirement of Mr. Willis Reese Friday, August 25, 2017 at the Allen House in Marlin, Texas. Mr. Reese has been the hospital administrator of the Falls County Hospital and Clinic since 1992.

Those who know Mr. Reese describe him as a fine man, problem solver, and savior of the hospital. In a previous interview with Marlin Pride FCHC board member Ken Tomlinson stated the hospital was in bankruptcy before Mr. Reese was hired but after Mr. Reese took charge the hospital came out of bankruptcy under his leadership. The hospital managed to pay off all of it’s debts at that time and began to flourish.

Mr. Reese has been a great asset to the Marlin community. He’s been active in the community through various organizations and has made numerous charitable contributions. Recently, the Marlin Lion’s Club honored Mr. Reese with a plaque for his service to the organization.

Mr. Reese and his wife Joyce now live in Mansfield, Texas where they both plan to enjoy retirement.

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