New Store Manager In Charge at Marlin DQ

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Marlin Dairy Queen has a new store manager in charge & he is very ambitious about taking over the helm.

His name is Bobby Charles Oneal and he is a native of Waco, Texas but he has roots in Marlin, Texas. He is 35 years old and he began working for DQ in 2005.

Mr. Oneal says that he is passionate about his job because he loves the people he works with and he loves to interact with the customers.

When he received the news that he was being promoted, he said that he was excited! According to Oneal, he’s had the desire to become a DQ store manager for quite some time and it was just the break he’s worked so hard for.

In 2017, DeAundre Evans took over as Marlin DQ store manager and was recently promoted to district manager. His duties consist of overseeing the operations of four DQ stores in the area that includes Bellmead, Waco North 19th, Rosebud, and Marlin.

Under Evan’s leadership Marlin DQ became the #1 store in their district. The company ranks stores by their sales, labor, and customer service and the Marlin Dairy Queen excelled in all categories.

Mr. Oneal says that he is ready to take on the challenge as store manager. He stated, “following in DeAundre’s footsteps will be a challenge because he set the bar high, but I feel that I’m more than capable of maintaining the standard that has been set”.

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