City of Marlin Sewer Backup Cause Problems At The Falls County Jail

Sheriff Ricky Scaman talks with Marlin Pride in an exclusive interview about the problems that were caused at the Falls County Jail due to the City of Marlin’s clogged sewer.

Scaman said, on the night of December 26, 2018, his jail facility experienced plumbing problems. He said their toilets would not flush and some of the toilets began to overflow.

He sent an employee to the back of the facility to see if a red beacon light was flashing on the city’s lift station pump. The red light was flashing and he knew there was a problem with the city’s sewer.

After making multiple phone calls of trying to contact the Public Works Director, he said that he finally made contact.

According to Scaman, the Public Works Director promised that he would have the city’s clogged sewer fixed that same night.

Scaman said when he arrived at the jail the next morning, he saw his employees sweeping and shoveling sewer waste out of the sally port door.

To his surprise, the sewer problem had not been rectified as promised.

As a result of neglect, the situation got worse, and sewer waste flooded the jail, said Scaman.

Scaman said he was told by the Public Works Director that, the problem was fixed up to a certain point and that an electrician was needed to complete the rest of the process but the City of Marlin does not have an electrician.

Sheriff Scaman said, “I had to take action into my own hands” so he hired a plumber to complete the job.

He said, ” I had to take immediate action because I could not allow my inmates and my employees to stay in that type of condition because of the City of Marlin’s neglect.”

Scaman brought his complaint before the council at a “Special Call” meeting Tuesday, January 22, 2019.

He challenged the council to hold City Manager Allen Grindstaff accountable for not being proactive on rectifying the city’s decaying infrastructure.

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