King Donuts Is Coming To Town

The community has been wondering what new business is opening in the old Church’s Chicken building? Some have speculated that a Shipley Donuts was opening but the correct answer to the question is King Donuts will be opening.

While rumors of a Shipley may have been incorrect but it’s a fact that the new business will be a donut shop.

Marlin Pride had the opportunity to interview business owner Andrew Kim about his new business and to ask questions that the community wanted to know.

Many have been wondering why is there another donut shop coming to town when there’s two donut shops already? Andrew Kim stated that he purchased the old Church’s building in the summer but ran into some delays getting the building ready to open. In the meantime, he was unaware that Sno Flake Donuts would come in and open a donut shop before he could open up King Donut shop.

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