Marlin ISD Students Pumped & Ready For The STAAR

For the past three Saturdays in April Marlin ISD has been preparing students for the STAAR test through a campaign called P.U.S.H. which stands for “Practice Until STAAR Happens”.

All three campuses combined together under one roof to provide students the help they need to prepare for the STAAR test. Approximately 150 students were present each Saturday.

Well, the time for STAAR is here and the knowledge students have learned all year will be put to the test. Students will be testing from April 9th – 12th.

Monday, April 8, 2019, the school campuses kicked off with a STAAR pep rally to motivate students to do their best on the test.

The Marlin High School band marched down the halls with the drum section sounding off.

Motivational speeches were given by Coach Jameus Hartsfield, Coach Charles Hitchens, and Minister Slugger.

The students were energetic & pumped to tackle the STAAR.

Check out the STAAR pep rally highlight videos below

Marlin Elementary School STAAR Pep Rally

Marlin High School STAAR Pep Rally

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