Mayor John Keefer Responds To Allegations Brought Against Him In Previous Council Meeting

Mayor John Keefer responded to the allegations that were presented against him in last Tuesday’s council meeting on January 8, 2019.

Mayor Keefer excused himself from the meeting on agenda item 12, that was listed as “discuss and consider action on municipal lien for economic development.”

Mayor Keefer said, he was advised by the City’s attorney not to participate in the discussion because the buyer that’s purchasing the property with the lien will be purchasing his property also that’s next door.

Mayor Keefer said, he excused himself from the meeting to avoid a conflict.

Mayor Pro-Tem Porter took charge of the meeting.

On this agenda item Councilwoman Susan Byrd handed the council paperwork and stated, “transparency is needed.”

Byrd further said, the council needed to know who was purchasing the property and who was selling the property. She said, the council was presented with very little details in regards to the transaction of the property and that it wouldn’t benefit the city to remove the lien for someone else’s personal benefit.

Councilwoman Susan Byrd said, Mayor Keefer owns the property that has the lien against it and that he is trying to benefit from the sale of the property by having the lien removed. The property is located at 1102 Live Oak ST.

Mayor Pro-Tem Porter called for the vote and Councilman Curtis Smith made a motion to approve the removal of the lien. There was no 2nd and the motion died.

Mayor Keefer said in an interview with Marlin Pride, “I do not own the property that I’ve been accused of. I own the property that’s next to it”.  

Mayor Keefer said, he will benefit from the overall sale of his property which is why he excused himself from the meeting. 



Video of Marlin City Council Meeting | Tuesday, January 8, 2019
Councilwoman Susan Byrd Calls For Transparency On Agenda Item 12 “Discuss and consider action on release of municipal lien for economic development”.


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  1. Charlotte Mullins | January 16, 2019 at 2:11 pm | Reply

    I was told by the city secretary that the property id number which the mayor listed on the agenda was for the lot he owned, so this mistake was his fault.
    Also, he listed the reason for releasing the lien as being for Economic Development. He failed to mention that he himself would receive a large part of the economic gain. It is my opinion that he tends to keep too many secrets and avoid transparency about many things that can be considered a conflict of interest.

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