Mr. Charles Evans, Owner of Evans Tire Service & Oil Company Celebrates 70 Years of Business

Mr. Charles R. Evans opened the doors of his first gas station March 1, 1950, in Marlin, Texas. Numerous businesses in Marlin have opened and closed their doors since then but Evans Tires Service & Oil Company has stood the test of time.

Good character, integrity, and honesty, are a few words that describe Mr. Evans and I believe that has attributed to his long term success in business.

Mr. Evans expressed his love for Marlin, Texas and the people that live here. He said it’s the people that have made his 70 years in business successful.

For 70 years he has unlocked that same door, every morning with a grateful heart. Very few sick days & even fewer vacation days. If only the walls of this tire shop could talk, it would have a great story to tell. He has embraced every change in rules, regulations & government that there is to withstand for 70 years, and though it hasn’t always been easy, he has always been thankful & blessed by it all.

Ashlee Little, Granddaughter of Mr. Evans stated, “He has raised his children, grandchild & great-grandchildren in that same building & for that, I couldn’t be more thankful! He is the greatest, hardest working, most giving person I’ve ever known.”

She also said, the wisest statement he always tells us is, “Money doesn’t mean a thing, you can’t take it with you. Working hard, keeping your faith in Jesus Christ & treating people well is what will get you in the gates of Heaven.”

Mr. Evans & his family celebrated their 70 years in business with a celebration lunch at Evans Tirre Shop on Live Oak Street. Long time friends and patrons from the community dropped in to celebrate with Mr. Evans.

Mr. Charles Evans along with his family.

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