The City of Marlin Receives A Donated Street Roller for Street Repairs

City of Marlin Press Release: 6/25/19

Throughout the small Central Texas City of Marlin, Marlinite’s are stepping up to help rebuild a once booming city. Under the governance leadership of Mayor Lofton and a newly seated Council, the Smalltown is finding ways to deliver a better quality of life for citizens, all the while working with a limited budget. The task of making good on this mission was delegated to the new City Manager Hon. Cedric Davis Sr.

Davis, who has been on the job for five weeks, has put out the call to all Marlinite’s “It will take everyone stepping up in both small and large rolls for the revitalization of our city.”

Whatever Mayor Lofton, the newly seated council, and City Manager Davis is doing has seemed to have touched many Marlinite’s and spurred them to open their hearts to give back to the city in efforts to create a better Marlin. With the help of the Calvary Cemetery Association, Harry Kenny purchased and donated a Case Street Roller for the repair of streets. Reverend William Wright, of First Christian Church of Marlin, presented the City of Marlin with a check that will be used to purchases asphalt. Ray Bridges of Ace Hardware donated paint and supplies to the city, and Larry Brothers, of Drew’s Lumber Co., donated lumber. Throughout the city street repair projects have begun, the mowing and tree trimming of the VA grounds are complete, and several other major projects are being reviewed.

Mr. Harry Kenny (middle) along with the Marlin City Manager & Marlin City Council members standing in front of a street roller truck that was purchased and donated by Mr. Harry Kenny and the Calvary Cemetery Association.
(Picture courtesy of the City of Marlin)

Mayor Lofton, Council Woman Lang-Moore. City Manager Davis volunteered to be mentors to students at Marlin ISD. City Manager Davis said, “We welcome all Marlinites to join in the rebuilding of our beloved City of Marlin, One Marlin-One Heart Beat”. Reverend William Wright stated,” Community Programs Working for Christ is honored to help Marlin rebuild, “. He added, ” That Isiah 40:3-4, wants people to know that streets can be smoothed with pavement but Christ can smooth all roughness of lives”. If you would like to take part in the revitalization efforts feel free to contact Marlin City Hall @ 254-883-1450.

City manager Cedric Davis along with Councilman Terrence McDavid pictured with Reverend William Wright of First Christian Church. Rev. Wright presented the city with a check to purchase asphalt for street repair.
(Picture courtesy of the City of Marlin)

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